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Sajoha Viking x Syarikat Faiza Sdn. Bhd.

We are delighted to welcome Syarikat Faiza Sdn Bhd as one of our sponsor for year 2022 under Gold strategic partnership package.
Welcome onboard Faiza. Thank you so much.
About Faiza :
Syarikat FAIZA was established in 1982, doing retail activities as its core business. In 1992, Syarikat FAIZA being officially incorporated under Syarikat FAIZA Sdn. Bhd (SFSB), went into venture capital with Padiberas Nasional (BERNAS) in 1997.
In the late 90’s, shoppers began assessing more closely to the processing and other properties of edible products. Thus it was this time that the company was introduced to a unique category of herbal quality rice from the state of Kartanaka, South India. It was the Herbal “Ponni” rice. SFSB immediately recognized the intrinsic benefits rice consumers would derive with “Ponni” rice in their diet. Today, under the brand name Taj Mahal, Ponni rice has been distributed throughout Malaysia.
As a passage of benefit, Taj Mahal has created a tremendous impact in consumer demand of other SFSB rice products such as Basmathi, Fragrant rice, Thai Super Special and Local rice.
For more info, do visit their website at or their facebook page.

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